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Building your Brand with Promotional Merchandise

Posted on Thursday, 5th September 2013

Building your Brand

As a business professional your aim is to increase your Brands individual identity and its equity within the markets you operate. So how do you do this you ask? The expertise and service you offer to your clients will no doubt increase your profile amongst your community, and no doubt you receive additional business through this referral network. You may wish to thank those that have made these new introductions to your brand.

Promotional Merchandise is the perfect solution to achieve this. Not only are they more cost efficient than traditional advertising methods, but they certainly convey a stronger impression to customers and potential prospects of your products and services, thereby reaffirming your brand's credentials. Promotional Products appeal to everyone as no one ever says “No Thank You” to a gift or a giveaway, thus giving your advocates a reason to promote your brand to potential customers through word of mouth referrals.

Promotional Gifts are an extremely affordable form of advertising in comparison to those of print or broadcast mediums. They also have a longer lifespan than other forms of media advertising. Research has shown that a promotional Item is usually kept by the recipient on average for 12 months or more and that the recipient could name the brand on the promotional product they received and that they were likely to do business with the company in the future.

Promotional items can work in many ways, it can deliver a higher or equal ROI than most forms of advertising, it can reaffirm your commitment to quality and reliability, it can cement a positive brand identity for your business in your customers’ minds and it can also reinforce your brand message each and every time these items are used, which will ultimately generate increased awareness for your brand.

Whether you are looking for low cost promotional items to hand out in bulk at events or just a small quantity of high-end corporate gifts to give to your important clients, they will all have the same impact on your brand’s reputation providing they are of use to the recipient. The key to your promotional marketing success can easily be down to the product selected to promote your brand. Work with your distributor to source a solution that reinforces your brand ethos and that will be of use to your stakeholders. Don’t be tempted to go for the most novel or trendy item because it’s new and flashy, think of the long-term value of what you are going to use and the lifetime expectancy of the message as all of this will reflect on a well-constructed marketing plan.

Remember the promotional gift and the message it conveys will outlive its cost - your recipients will be delighted with your gesture and spread the word of your generosity. You never know, it might even get passed on to a colleague or external contact that will further enhance your brand equity by creating potential new leads for your company.

Promotional products need thought and planning in order to achieve the desired objectives, with thousands of products in the marketplace take the time necessary to find the best solution for you and your brand's message.

Simon Cantle