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5 Steps to Promotional Success

Posted on Tuesday, 17th September 2013


Successful promotional marketing campaigns don't happen by chance. Like any solid marketing program, they require careful thought and planning. It goes without saying that a budget must be considered, but before you begin you must take in to account other factors, such as your target audience and what your ultimate goal is.

To help you with this process, we have outlined 5 simple factors to consider:

1. Define your promotion objective.

Before you begin you need to decide what your activity will be looking to achieve. Whether you are trying to boost sales or create awareness of your products and services, you need to identify exactly what will make the program a success.

2. Identify your target audience.

Are you targeting a specific industry, workforce or decision-makers? Who are the ideal recipients of your activity and what are you trying to tell them. You need to identify who you are targeting with your message. Is it Existing Customers? Potential New Customers? Suppliers? Sales Staff? Re-Sellers? Partners? Employees?

3. Plan the product distribution and use.

How will you get the products in the hands of your target audience? Will you be using direct mail or will these be presented face to face. Will it be a gift? At a Trade Show? Award Ceremony? Sales Meeting? Golf Outing? Conference Event? Product Launch? Training Seminar? Depending on your goal, the method of distribution can greatly increase a program's effectiveness.

4. Develop a theme to your message.

Building your message around a theme helps to brand the message in your audience's minds. In some cases, you'll only use your company name or logo and contact details. In other instances, such as a direct mail campaign, clever copy ties your promotion pieces together, giving it a better impact. For instance, I recall an accounting firm sending out a direct mailing piece to promote their services with the strapline “We are not just another bean counter” which were accompanied with a branded tin of Jelly Beans.

5. Choose an appropriate promotional product.

Don't get caught up in the latest trend. Instead of choosing products based on uniqueness, price or perceived value, choose an item which is appropriate to your business or that supports your theme and is useful. Your aim is to get in their personal space to be remembered and retained. For example, we had a client who went through a renaming exercise and wanted to emphases their name which included the word “Vision”, so they had Glass Cloth Cleaners made to promote their new brand, and continue to use vision-related items to promote their brand.

With simple consideration of these 5 Simple Steps, will put your next campaign on the right path to promotional success.

Remember, failing to plan usually leads to a plan for failure.