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Is selling a life skill all of us require?

Posted on Monday, 30th September 2013

Sales Management

Like it or not we all live by “Selling” something in one form or another. Sales is defined as the exchange of a commodity for money, reciprocal services or other forms of compensation. In its simplest form it is the basis of all commercial activity. We all need to sell in order to live because that’s how the world functions. If we do not sell then we would not be able to survive. Be it a product, concept, idea or solution we need to communicate a point of view and how that is done is though dialogue in return for an action, products or services.

The concept of selling has existed from the begining of time. “The Barter System” is a system where Goods and Services were exchanged for other Goods and Services. That was how the world turned and how we advanced as a human race. Sales is a huge topic and numerous pages the world over have been dedicated to the subject. There can be numerous ways of describing it, employing it  or even doing it, but believe it or not we all do it.

Selling is a daily activity, whether we are selling ourselves in a job interview, in face to face meetings, trying to encourage the kids to do their homework to better their future, or convey ideas and concepts in our work place. People often confuse selling with Advertising, Marketing, Want, Need and Desire. These are all key aspects of the sales process which links the them all together. However each one of these are uniquely separate from each other. While the key motive is the same, each one works independently, and when joined up facilitate the process of a sale.

Selling is usually confused with Marketing; for instance telling your friends that you got a great deal at a local business is not Selling - that’s Advertising, Telling them where they can find that business is known as Marketing. However if that business is paying you a commission on all recommendations that you send their way, then that is Selling. If you have benefited and so have your friends then the sales process has been employed. Remember selling should be beneficial to both the parties, if not immediately, then sometime in the future. If no benefit exists to both parties then a sale will never happen.

Selling is a life skill we use each and every day. We sell our skills, creativity, innovations, beauty, art, ideas and experience as a motive both consciously and unconsciously with a hidden agenda behind it. It’s an inbuilt human nature which many are unaware of, but if we can harness and accept it, and use it to our best ability then we can use it to enhance our lives. So don’t discourage it, embrace it, we all have to eat, pay bills, and like to go on holiday, so let’s get down to business and sell what we have to offer, to make the wold a better place.