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Does your Brand have the X Factor?

Posted on Monday, 7th October 2013

With X Factor back on our screens, ask yourself would your brand stand out from the crowd to existing and potential new customers? Marketers understand the importance of brand identity and the part it can play in the consumer decision making process. However do you really understand the value and importance of this key aspect of marketing.

Research has proven that repeated exposure to a brand will lead to an increased likelihood of a consumer selecting that brand when making a purchasing decision. The British Promotional Marketing Association recently commissioned an independent research agency to interview senior decision makers from Finance, IT, Retail, Insurance Services, Charity and Education on their views on Promotional Products and they found that 95% of these senior managers would not forget the brand message on a promotional product if they have had it for over 6 months.

A Brand Impression is the measure of the number of times a consumer is exposed to a brand. It goes with out saying that the greater the number of exposures to a brand’s identity or message, the higher the impact that is created - even if the consumer is unaware of the exposure.

Below is an infographic that displays the number of Brand Impressions that various methods of advertising activity yielded for each dollar spent. Although the figures are American it gives an insight in relation to the effectiveness that promotional merchandise can play in increasing brand exposure to your target audience.

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