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A Pause For Thought: The Habit of Change

Posted on Friday, 25th October 2013

Pause For Thought

We are all Creatures of Habit  in life and in business. Do you take the same route to work each day? Do you park in the same place at the supermarket? Do you use the same locker in the gym? Do you prospect for work in the same way that you have always done? The world is changing around us each and everyday, in life and business. Are you adapting your approach in this ever changing environment? Or are you using tried and tested methods that have served you to this day?

“Your Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change” Jim Rohan

I will grant that somethings in life should never change such as making an effort, blood, sweat and tears, good manners and being thankful for what we have. What I am saying is in the changing landscape of life, if you do not accept change or better yet employ changes in your day to day existence you will be left behind and become a relic, a fossil, a has been, a once was.

Woolworths, HMV, Comet, Jessops, Blockbuster, need I say any more.  They all suffered due to the changes of consumer behavior. Habits are genetically built in to our DNA. The real challenge is to be constantly conscious and take a step back from time to time to consider the alternatives. In business we need to be constantly aware of our competition and make the necessary changes to remain one step ahead of them, whilst always being aware of the changing requirements of our customers.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect” Mark Twain

Taking a step back and looking at the alternatives gives you time to pause and reflect on your approach; how you could make your service offering better, and what makes you different from your competition. Once you have taken time to assess your proposition from a new perspective then you are better placed to make the necessary adjustments to achieve your goals in life and in business.

Are your current marketing and sales efforts working for you, if not then put a list together of what makes a great client or customer for your business. Armed with this information, you can make the necessary changes to target these types of customers far more successfully and grow your business. 

“Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compass towards growth” Unknown

Your path to rewards and growth lives in a constant climate of change. 

Simon Cantle