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The Human Factor of Sales & Marketing

Posted on Thursday, 20th February 2014


If you have been in business for some time you will know how important it is to build relationships. The more you know about the basics of human nature, the easier it is to build relationships and begin to understand why people buy. Below I have assimilated 4 basic facts about human nature that when applied to business, can be very powerful in relationship building.

1. Everybody loves getting something for free

It doesn't matter how rich you are, a free offer is still likely to catch your attention. Instinctively people think that there is a catch, but in its basic form people still love getting something for free. It’s like receiving a gift, it makes you feel special, and everybody loves to feel that way. Some people think that offering a freebie is just basic bribery. However, if you make it open and honest with no strings attached, so that it is a genuine free offer, it can be one of the most effective ways to build relationships with prospective new customers.

2.  We all love to be connected

The sudden growth of  social media has illustrated just how much we all love to connect with one another. However long before Facebook and Twitter connected us all, people still had personal networks and to some that was their currency. Lets remember we all have family connections, work connections, sporting and recreation connections; not to forget special interest connections. Even those we consider quiet, shy and retiring have circles of people that they connect with on a regular basis. Connecting and feeling that you matter to someone else is a basic human emotional need.

3. We love to give and feel generous

Deep down most of us have a desire to give and help one another. It makes us feel good about ourselves. There is also a natural reaction that when someone gives us something nice or does something special we want to reciprocate in some way. Therefore when you give clients and prospects something for nothing, it can help you build or strengthen the relationship they have with your business. Even though they may not initially buy from you, they may share your message or special offer with people within their network. This powerful word of mouth marketing is their way of giving back to you.

4. We love to feel important

Everyone of us likes to feel that in some way, whoever we are and whatever we do, it matters. Each and every human being has a primal need to feel important. If you build relationships with that in mind it helps you to keep your focus on the other person. When you show a genuine interest in people it makes them feel important.

Building a business is really about building relationships. By keeping these four basic human needs in mind you can be far more effective in your efforts. Remember business is all about giving and it is not so much about you, your business or what you have to offer.  It’s all about what can you do to help others and meet their individual needs. By understanding these basic human necessities and using your understanding with integrity, you can develop and grow a successful business.