The brief: Our client was looking to source branded die cast commemorative boats (matchbox car sized!) to assist
their client Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) in the promotion of the launch of a new ship within their fleet to the media. The boat was purely commemorative and not required to float.

Happysmile’s solution:

The challenge was not finding a die cast solution but the minimum order quantities – to achieve a bespoke solution like this would require around 25,000 units but they only needed 200! We needed to find an alternative, we considered plastic models but they looked cheap, child like and had larger minimum order quantities. We put our thinking caps on. We’d recently been introduced to 3D Laser Crystal as an executive gift solution and identified the potential to create a “Ship in a Bottle” for this branded product requirement. Our client and CMAL loved the idea!

We obtained basic sample images, which took a while to procure as the ship was still in construction and some of the finer detailed information was still a closely guarded secret. From a few basic computer generated designs we were able to produce a 3D mock up visual of the Ferry, which showed what could be achieved. The beauty of laser crystal is that a single design can be achieved and from that we generated a pre-production sample before proceeding with 200 units to ensure all the details were correct.

The product:

200 rectangular Laser Crystal Ships supplied in individual satin-lined boxes used as corporate gifts for dignitaries, press and associated guests for the launch of the MV Hallaig which was launched by the Deputy First Minister from the Ferguson shipyard in Port Glasgow. The MV Hallaig was the first commercial ship in more than five years to be fully built and delivered on the Clyde.