QR Code 101: Using QR Codes in your Event Promotions

Dec 22, 2017 | Blog

“I appreciate the jury is still out on the benefits of QR Codes. A lot of brands and marketers still seem
perplexed on how to best employ them within their marketing activity.”

Like all marketing channels a focused strategy needs to be employed on what you want to achieve with your communications. Remember a QR Code is a quick link to get people online direct to your content, website, event details; however marketers are still employing QR Codes on websites and all over the web on banners and in online advertertising which is just not the point.

QR Codes are a great way to create an impact and can play a vital role in creating awareness for your events. They provide all the necessary details about your event, from directions, ticketing, exclusive content and teasers. QR Codes will make the difference in enhancing your event marketing efforts if employed in the right areas and in the right mediums, where your targeted audiences frequent.

Below is a great video about how Heineken used QR Codes to enhance a Music Festival.