Sales Development: Planting a Seed and Nurturing a Lead is it a Sales or Marketing Process?

Jun 14, 2018 | Blog

This blog post is in collaboration with the guys over at Market Makers who are specialists in B2B telemarketing and appointment making.   

What is Lead Generation you ask?

Lead generation can be defined as a marketing process that identifies a target audience and stimulates interest within a group of prospects for your products and services. Once identified, this interest is then nurtured carefully with specific targeted attention grabbing solutions with the intent of turning them into sales and generating along term revenue relationship.

In today’s noisy marketing landscape the process of generating successful leads needs to be structured and planned more thoroughly as generic unsolicited “email blasts” and annoying unstructured cold calls are being weeded out as unsuccessful tactics by an audience annoyed with such impersonal approaches. Telemarketing and Lead Generation Services supported with targeted Promotional Products can go along way to overcome these unstructured mass marketing strategies.

However despite the obvious importance of adapting your marketing strategy to pre qualify and collect proper leads for your services, 78% of companies state that they still struggle with lead generation. This can be due to a number of reasons: lack of resource, poor targeting or perhaps even just a misunderstanding of what is involved in the process.  The process of trying to generate a positive interest from the right audience can be a challenging process for any organisation.

The process of putting together an integrated contact strategy not to mention tackling the timings of when to implement it can be a challenge. From selecting the right channels to communicate with these prospects through to selecting the right merchandise to support your campaign message. For most organisations these factors could be one of the many contributing factors to a failed lead generation campaigns.

If you are an amateur in the area of lead generation, it may be advisable to seek assistance from the experts before leaping into the murky world of lead generation.

Market Makers are marketing whizzes with the right experience and knowledge to know what does and doesn’t work, from planning what the best  time to pick up the phone or deciphering what day of the week will return the best results. Using all their experience they have put together a colorful  Infographic giving an insiders guide what to consider when planning your next leap into lead generation campaign.