Business Mourning Business

Yes, I do appreciate we are in a pandemic and many people are sick and dying, however it can be agreed that there has been a malaise within the marketplace. As we enter our 6th. week of lockdown, it can be said during this time I have seen and heard many examples of business people grieving the loss of business.

Price vs. Value: Today’s Business Conundrum

We fully appreciate that today’s business landscape is a very competitive marketplace and therefore pricing is a crucial factor behind any purchasing decision. But before you make that decision it should be noted that price alone will not guarantee you value.

Back to School

Research has found that a promotional pen or pencil will pass through at least 7 people’s hands in its lifetime

A Customer Saved is a Penny Earned

Albeit the statistics reported may somewhat seem dated, it is interesting to note how little has changed. The number one rule remains true in customer service as in life: Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Happysmile Joins the Rugby People Team for the 2018/19 Rugby Season

Happysmile Promotional Products are pleased to announce a sponsorship programme for the 2018/19 Rugby season with Rugby People.

Sales Development: Planting a Seed and Nurturing a Lead is it a Sales or Marketing Process?

In today’s noisy marketing landscape the process of generating successful leads needs to be structured and planned more thoroughly as generic unsolicited “email blasts” and annoying unstructured cold calls are being weeded out as unsuccessful tactics by an audience annoyed with such impersonal approaches.

A Rough Guide To Promotional Products

Promotional Products are an ideal solution for Networking Events, Trade Shows, Rewards and Give Aways to new and existing customers. Quite simply, it gets your brand in peoples hands.

Thank you – It’s Just Good Manners

As a busy person it’s so easy to get caught up in our day-to-day business in chasing our tail that we forget to maintain, practice and employ the simple basics of life and human interaction

QR Code 101: Using QR Codes in your Event Promotions

Like all marketing channels a focused strategy needs to be employed on what you want to achieve with your communications. Remember a QR Code is a quick link to get people online direct to your content, website, event details; however marketers are still employing QR Codes on websites and all over the web on banners and in online advertertising which is just not the point.